MRE stands for Meals Ready To Eat. MRE is food that’s been cooked and packed using the RETORT process, that’s been specifically designed for a long and stable shelf life. Stored at a stable temperature of 24 degrees the shelf life of the product range from 2-5 years depending on meals.
You just either heat the foiled pouch or heat the food when taken out the pouch to enjoy a wholesome cooked meal. The RETORT MRE is far better than tinned and other processed foods. MRE’s were originally designed for the US Government and have been used since the 1970’s in the US space program.

What is a MRE Retort Pouch?

An MRE Retort pouch is commonly defined as a flexible pouch for low acid foods that are thermally processed in a pressure vessel called a RETORT. The pouch is made of layered polyester, aluminum foil and polypropylene. Commercial sterilization occurs at temperatures greater than 100°C, typically 115 – 120°C. The retort MRE packaging is shelf stable at room temperature.

What are the advantages of the MRE Retort pouch?

The MRE retort pouch has several advantages. It weighs less than a metal can. It is flexible, and lighter than a can, and by being flexible it can handle a lot more abuse when the food is on the go in Military maneuvers, as it’s flat, and takes up less space.
It also has a longer shelf can than tins.

What other advantages of the MRE Retort pouches are their?

Its fully cooked and tastes better than a tin ration. It’s not frozen, and does not require a fridge to keep it, it can just sit on a shelf. All the tastiness is still there as through its just been cooked in the kitchen as all of the sauces and moisture, and original food is all their, once heated and ready to eat. It has been designed with all of the right nutrition and calories in mind for what the soldier or individual will require for that meal. It’s easy to eat, just tear the packaging, once you have heated it in hot water or with heater pouch.

What is in my MRE pack?

All of our pack options on our HOTG-MRE packs come with different ingredients, and snacks and drinks besides the main retort meals. Look at our meal plan options for details. They have been designed from a pack with 3400 calories average to 1250 calories.

It means how many calories are in that specific MRE pack.
We have the top of the range 24HR MRE C3400, or the MRE C2700 , that’s also a 24HR MRE, and then the C2200 MRE that’s a breakfast and lunch option with snacks and drinks, and the C1350, MRE which is just one MRE retort meal, with some snacks and drinks.