Super Soldiers
Super Soldiers


Your Military have to be able to be at their best at a minute’s notice, and therefore need to have the best energy, and daily nutrition with as many calories as possible, to make them super soldiers. With our HOTG-MRE, MREs, your military men and women in your armed forces, can eat in minutes and be battle ready to take on any mission.

HOTG-MRE MREs, have the required long shelf life on our products, but also provide the much needed boost of energy that’s required in the field. Our Retort MREs, can have a shelf life for up to five years, depending on, at what temperature they are stored in. With correct storage at under 22 degrees, they can last longer, but in most instances, our military customers, order what’s required for the relevant periods that their soldiers are in the field.

All of our Retort MREs, are fully cooked and require no water to mix in them, all that’s required, is to either heat it up and eat it warm, or open it up and eat it cold.

Our options of heating the Foiled pouch Retort MREs, will give the food menu item, a better taste as though its just been served out of the military base canteen. That’s if the base canteen can offer the delicious nutritious selection of meals that we have on offer.

Besides the heating options, you can if it’s a hot sunny day, leave the pouch out on a hot engine, or side walk, that will heat it up in a few minutes as well.

In order to be Super Soldiers, you require your soldiers, to be alert, have lots of energy, and know that they are up to any task at hand, or that may arise at a second’s notice. With our MREs, we offer all that’s required for the soldier, on a 24 HR day pack, giving them all the nutrients and calories, that’s required, to keep the mission as key, without worrying if they have the energy that they need to fulfill that key mission, as Super Soldiers.

Eating the same food day after day, night after night can become boring, that’s why we have introduced a 1-8 day menu, that offers different menu items for both lunch and dinner, and have also recently introduced a retort long lasting dessert of, fruits in syrup. Choice and Variety id key to keeping your soldiers Super Soldiers.

HOTG-MRE, can also within a few months cater to your soldiers taste, and can change menus to suit your country and variety of what’s liked, from spice, to end products, that they are used to. These varieties can take place whilst, you are supplying them with what’s on offer, as we develop and approve the new required ongoing menus to keep your Super Soldiers happy, healthy and strong.