HOTG – Meals on the Go
HOTG – Meals on the Go

HOTG stands for Health On The Go, food that’s prepared for you to eat whilst on the go , and most importantly it’s MRE  = Meals Ready To Eat.

Our combination of healthy food on the go that’s ready to eat immediately, is a mixture of various food products that’s been prepared with immediate readiness to eat straight away without waiting. First and foremost, we have the Retort prepared meals that become hot home cooked meals when heated in hot water, these have 8-day meal menu options and are the basis of our MRE rations. These are packed for lunch and dinner in our 24HR series packs.

Breakfast is always foremost as the first thing you eat in the morning, so we have the variety of porridges that just simply mix with water, giving you all you need for breakfast.

Then we have a variety of additional items, like tea and coffee, for in between, a variety of snacks like dry fruit, to energy bars, protein cookies, as a desert, with vitamin sweets and chewing gum. Cheese’s and peanut butter are super healthy snacks to finish off with all the nutrients you will need on the go.

We even have a variety of isotonic variety flavored fruit drinks that will keep you hydrated during the day, and to top that off we have a soup, and a lactose free shake, all just mixed with water.

Health on the Go, is just that, a Healthy Alternative to when you are not in a kitchen or mess hall, and still want the best mixed tasty food options to take care of your busy schedule, whether you are a soldier on patrol, someone in a emergency situation of just plain looking for tasty food on the go.