Nothing Compares to HOTG-MRE Retort
Nothing Compares to HOTG-MRE Retort

MREs, or Ready To Eat Meals, are military field rations that have become increasingly popular. Especially with military divisions that are out in the field and don’t have mess hall facilities for the soldiers, that have to stay out in the field for certain periods of time.

The MRE’s are popular in the RETORT design and packed offerings. This was first designed and developed by NASA, for The Space Program in the 1950’s, it was then first adopted by the USA military soon after. It has only, in the last few years, taken off globally as the preferred way to supply field rations to modern militaries vs the old way of using tins.

Retort MREs have a long shelf life and most importantly taste really good. They come with their own different options of heating elements and the package has been designed not only for long shelf life, but to take heat.

Ready to eat meals are versatile and have many different ingredients to offer many flavors, and can be served in large military mess halls. The MRE’s come with a starch, usually to compliment the meal.

Retort MRE’s, have a long shelf life and depending on the temperature of storage (below 20 Degrees), can last up to five years – if stored at higher temperatures, it will last a shorter time period. Each meal is packed with nutrients and calories, sufficient to provide a soldier energy for 24 Hours. This does however depend on the HOTG-MRE Series chosen.

The Retort packaging of the MRE meals, is one of the ways that it stays so fresh for a long period of time. Each package is made from aluminum and plastic that is layered together for strength and durability. Designed specifically to be reheated in the retort process, whilst withstanding steam heat of over 1200 degrees, killing any bacteria and sterilizing what may still be in the sealed packaging. This sterilization process allows the meals to stay good for longer, and no bacteria can get in after the full Retort process.

The meals taste fresh and better than any tinned food, and lasts longer.