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C3400 HOTG-MRE 24HR ration pack, is filled with enough MRE food and snacks to last for 24HR, and has enough nutrition and sustenance for that period.

It comes with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, to keep the soldier or individual sufficiently able to keep up for 24 HR of intense activity.

    The extra soups and drinks will also assist in the sufficient hydration.
  • The MRE components in this C3400 MRE have an average of 3400 calories per pack across the 1-8 day menu offered.
  • There are over 50 items in each C3400 HOTG-MRE pack.
  • The C3400 HOTG-MRE was designed specifically for the Armed Forces of Africa’s largest Economy, in conjunction with our food technologists and the Army’s Dietitians.
  • Toilet paper sheets and spoon

Although this top of the range HOTG-MRE C3400 was designed for the Military, it will also qualify for other commercial uses:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • UN
  • UNDP
  • Mines
  • Governments
  • Disaster and Emergency Relief
  • Oil Rigs
C3400 Items and options

Qty Food Item Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 Pack 4 Pack 5 Pack 6 Pack 7 Pack 8
1 Ready to eat meal (Main) Chicken pasta & vegetables Chicken in aromatic curry Mexican chicken curry Chicken pasta & vegetables Chicken breyani Vegetable pasta Chicken a la King Tuna pasta
1 Ready to eat starch (Main) Samp BBQ Brown rice   Samp
1 Ready to eat meal (Main) Beef curry & vegetable Savoury mince Rich beef with flavourful samp & beans Beef curry with potatoes, butter beans & carrots Mutton stew & vegetables Brown lentils, beans & vegetables stew Beef pasta & vegetables Savoury mince
1 Ready to eat starch (Main) BBQ brown rice Savoury rice Samp Stiff maize porridge Savoury rice Savoury rice
1 Ready to eat meal (Dessert) Fruit cocktail Peaches Pear Fruit cocktail Pear Peaches Fruit cocktail Pear
1 Soup snack Beef & veg soup Chicken soup Beef & veg quick snack Beef & veg soup Chicken & corn quick snack Spring veg quick snack Chicken soup Beef & veg soup
2 Isotonic sports drink Guava/orange Pineapple/peach/apricot Guava/peach/apricot Pineapple/orange Peach/apricot/tropical punch Pineapple/mango Orange/mango Guava/tropical punch
1 Lactose free drink Peach Vanilla Strawberry Banana Vanilla Peach Banana Strawberry
1 Sauce/jam Chutney Tomato sauce Jam Tomato sauce Jam Tomato sauce Chutney Tomato sauce
1 Porridge Vanilla maize Original sorghum Banana maize Strawberry maize Banana maize Strawberry maize Banana sorghum Vanilla maize
1 Energy bar Chocolate powder Chocolate Chocolate Nut Chocolate Caramel Chocolate Nut Carribean Raisin White chocolate Chocolate Banana
1 Biscuits Oat and Raisin High Protein Oat and Raisin High Protein Oat and Raisin High Protein Oat and Raisin High Protein
1 Dried fruit 1 Orange cubes 1 raisins 2 Fruit bars 1 Peaches 1 Fruit flakes 1 Raisins 1 Orange cubes 1 Peaches
1 Teabag Rooibos Black Rooibos Black Rooibos Black Rooibos Black
1 Roll Vit C-Rich sweets (flavours packed at random), 10  Dragée Chewing gum (flavours packed at random), Tea, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Fuel Tablets, Matches, Salt, Toilet Paper, Polybags, Spoon

C3400 Items

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