Disaster & emergency relief

When it comes to disaster and Emergency Relief, HOTG-MRE is at the forefront of supplying all the respective Government Relief agencies and NGO Agencies.

This also includes UN, UNDP, with quick options from our range of MRE meals and packs.

HOTG-MRE main focus currently is the continent of Africa, as our factories are based in South Africa, but we will ship to any country in the world.

We have the capabilities to manufacturer and produce up to 1,000,000 of the C3400 series per month, or 1,500,000 of the lower calorie series and have planned for expansion based on global demand.

Our quality and shelf life of our products still come first as we follow industry norms for qualification of the following certifications.

We have also just introduced the new HE3000 24HR MRE Pack, that offers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with a few snack and drink options, but is only around 10 items vs over 50 items in the C3400 24HR MRE Pack. Therefore the HE3000 is priced accordingly, yet still offers a High Energy meal, with over 3000 calories. This option is a popular alternative to our top of the range C3400 24HR MRE Pack.

We also offer the choice of choosing your own mix of MRE from our total range, and we will tailor make the MRE pack to suit any ethnic group or geographic area, our only requirement is as per our orders , that there is a minimum quantity required when ordering.

We have specially also introduced the new HE ECONO pack, specifically for emergency food and disaster relief, priced accordingly for large volumes. See the details of the contents of this series under products.

HOTG-MRE Certifications

At HOTGMRE we guarantee fresh, tasty, quality products, with strict quality control in place to make sure the end user has a tasty meal under any circumstances. We at HOTG-MRE are passionate about our lineup of MRE products.