HOTG-MRE markets our products, and MRE packs to Governments, International Agencies, Human Relief Agencies, like the UN, UNDP and also other NGO that look after emergencies for famine and Drought Relief.

  • We market our products to Oil Rigs, Mining Operations, and Feeding Programs Globally.
  • We variety of menus, and meal plans will fit any Government or International standard and requirement.
  • We will also tailor make any selection of MRE food mix to suit any requirement, Ethnic Group, for any International standard.
  • We specifically have formulated the HE Econo Pack, that is designed to give the survivors of any emergency or disaster, one Hot Retort MRE and an Isotonic fruit drink. To give the individual the nourishment they need, until they can get to stable conditions and a stable environment.

Every Government and Country have different standards, qualifications, basic requirements, Customs and Cultures that they will require, HOTG-MRE are able to provide those MRE selections for those applications.

Tailor made MRE for any ethnic group or culture, or according to own requirements and specifications, are on offer, with minimum quantities required. Enquire for details.

Contact us now for enquiries about our offerings