Military & law enforcement

HOTG-MRE 24HR MRE packs have been designed specifically for use by any superior military force. The C3400 was designed in conjunction with one of Africa’s largest armies , in conjunction with their qualified food nutritionist and Dietitians with HOTGMRE food technologists , to end up with a product that will give each soldier enough calories , kilojoules and energy to be able to keep their energy levels up , bodies hydrated , sufficiently to be out on patrol , handling any military situation , offering each soldier the best mix of foods and drinks to keep them sufficiently nourished for each 24 HR period.
Your Soldiers need the best that is available , whilst on the battlefield. It’s also key that the shelf life of 2-3 years, which is standard on our retort MRE packs, will keep the MRE fresh if stored in a dry place for instant ongoing usage .
Our mix of snacks , drinks, shakes, soups, energy bars, sweets, cookies , chewing gum, peanut paste , dried fruit in conjunction with its main meals of Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner, will keep your soldier energized to be a super soldier, whilst on the go and on the battlefront. We suggest either of our 2 different 24HR MRE packs , either the C3400 or the C2700 for a 24 HR option.
Our nutritious offering is the best available especially in our 24HR MRE packs.
Eating the same food day in and day out will get tedious and boring, so we have on offer a 1-8 day menu available in the C3400 range where we even have a vegetarian option for those soldiers who are vegetarians .
Our variety of 8 day meal options now give the soldier and army command that option to choose a mix of what they think would best suit their soldiers.

We have also just introduced the new HE3000 24HR MRE Pack, that offers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with a few snack and drink options, but is only around 10 items vs over 50 items in the C3400 24HR MRE Pack. Therefore the HE3000 is priced accordingly, yet still offers a High Energy meal, with over 3000 calories. This option is a popular alternative to our top of the range C3400 24HR MRE Pack.

We also offer the choice of choosing your own mix of MRE from our total range, and we will tailor make the MRE pack to suit any ethnic group or geographic area, our only requirement is as per our orders , that there is a minimum quantity required when ordering .
Our MRE are all packed in small light weight boxes so, that they can take the load, of transporting, moving them in and out of areas, spaces and ground and air transport , so that when finally opened by the soldier its protected and all intact for their tasty meal when it’s time to eat.