The Outdoor, Trail Hiking and Camping Market – MRE
The Outdoor, Trail Hiking and Camping Market – MRE

If you planning a serious overnight hike , or log distance hike in the bush or trail, you will most definitely find that the HOTG–MRE will come in handy for your food on the go, with our easily prepared MRE – meals ready to eat , whilst you out in the bush. You will require less cooking utensils , and need a loss less to carry, to still be able to give you the food , nutrients and liquids to keep you going and hydrated.

Waking up to nature is for some the best experience you can have. Thier is something overwhelmingly amazing about waking up in the bush , seeing the sun rise , and having some easy and ready food that’s easy and ready on the go.

The experience of the hike is for some the biggest adrenaline rush and especially on trails that are only able for walking and not vehicles.
Preparing for the hike no matter how experienced you are , you will always have to make sure that you have the right mix of MRE – meals ready to eat – on the go , that will be tasty yet ready and quick to prepare whist at the same time not weighing you down with what you have to carry in your back pack.
Make sure that you pack some spare clothes , ones that are warm yet easy to dry , and most importantly pack a light weight 24 HR MRE that will give you the tasty nutrients that you will need including enough liquid options to keep you hydrated.

HOT –MRE although designed for military use , is just as good and competent for outdoor use for the trail.
Hiking is a great vacation activity whether you prefer an extended, advanced trip or a short, amateur weekend trail into the Wilderness. Some golden, hidden hiking trails that you may not have considered include:

  • The Magaliesberg trails in the Magaliesberg Mountains, South Africa
  • The Drakensberg Mountains , in South Africa
  • Fish River Canyon , South Africa.